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In the first installment, Katniss (Lawrence) and fellow District 12 “tribute” Peeta Mellark (the perennially wounded-looking Josh Hutcherson) successfully stood up to the voyeurism and sadism of the Hunger Games by staging a not-entirely-fake romantic subplot and refusing to kill each other for the entertainment of millions. Now they live in the sterile luxury of Victor’s Village, alongside drunken former winner Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson, with a Lord Byron haircut), largely unaware that their act of defiance has sparked rebellion in many of the enslaved proletarian districts of Panem. Katniss remains rather boringly torn between love-struck Peeta and brooding coal miner Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth), neither of whom is really up to her standard. In some ways her most interesting relationship in “Catching Fire” is with Donald Sutherland as the leonine, unctuous President Snow, a sinister father figure who yearns to exploit, distort and/or destroy Katniss. They forge a short-term alliance in which Snow promises to keep Katniss’ family safe if she and Peeta stage a lovebirds’ victory tour of all the districts that will help him keep the peace.
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Maggie Jordan, charged with two counts of unreasonable ignorance, premeditated travel to a third-world country as if this were some book called “Eat, Prey, Report,” and possession of manic pixie dream-dust with intent to sell

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In Their Own Words: The Duggars Share Thoughts on Their Uncompromising Religious Lifestyle
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However, there’s concern that this “new” New Orleans has left some behind and many people are openly questioning whether it’s an issue of class as well as race.

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Estimated to have earned $55.5 million its opening weekend, Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” is set to become the biggest opening weekend in October of all time according to Deadline. One fifth of its domestic sales came from IMAX theaters, also becoming the biggest October opening for any IMAX film, reports USA Today.

Accessory shoe This is necessary if you plan to use an add-on microphone or video light. These are usually only available on full-featured and manually capable models.

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Yeah, and one of the things that bothers me is… the sense that we have to give up our freedoms, as Americans [for security]. I came of age in the ’70s, and that’s not the America I grew up in, and it’s very troubling to me.

"Tailors are a miraculous thing," Teigen wrote as the caption to a before-and-after picture from the night. "The hem of my pants became my crotch patch. #crotchpatch #belly thanks for the side by side, mom."

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It lets you use Roku on an internet connection that requires you to first visit a login page, which you commonly find at hotel rooms.

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The record has taken a long time as well, so the songs have been allowed to be lots of different things.


March 9, 2004
Kirstie Alley is so addicted to NBC's The Apprentice that she went straight to the top with a recent complaint. "I called Donald Trump. I don't know him," admits Alley, 53, "but I said, 'Donald, why in the heck don't you kick Omarosa off right now! She's a stone cold bitch.' She has that big smile around Donald, and behind his back, she's evil." Turns out the Donald agreed, firing Omarosa in the most recent episode. But he didn't tip his hand to Alley. "He was very diplomatic," says the actress, who plays the matriarch of a crime family in the CBS movie Family Sins, airing March 14. "And then he said, 'You have great hair.' The conversation was over right there."

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ADVERTISEMENT“The email list will help the DNC expand its reach online, build support for a new generation of leadership, and test new tactics for activating Democratic voters in future elections. Email is critically important tool for fundraising, grassroots engagement in support of key issues, and setting the record straight about the Republican candidates as well.”